Information about our undergraduate and masters courses in multimedia

The multimedia courses at the University of Westminster are some of the oldest degree level multimedia courses in the UK and started back in 1995. Both courses try to keep within the multimedia camp rather than venturing out into related areas such as gaming and animation, though of course these subjects are touched on. Multimedia practioners need to be good designers, they need to know how to use the key packages and how to use the scripting languages that sit inside them ( for example Action Scipt in Flash). The courses are built around these 3 key areas: Design, Scripting and solid knowledge of the key packages. We also believe that a good knowledge of the multimedia industry and how to manage a multimedia project are also key. so you will also do courses that look at Professional Practice and Project Management

1-Masters in Multimedia

Savraj Matharu who has produced many of the learning videos, is a member of the teaching team. You can find out more information about the Masters in Multimedia

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